18 month old Kirra's (brain tumour survivors story) after being diagnosed with a benign Astrocytoma Brain Tumour in her Cerebellum. 22nd September 1998.

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Kirra is nearly 15 (April 2012) and doing fine.
Kirra's 14

This site is here because I could find little or no information on benign astrocytoma brain tumours or children/childhood astrocytoma brain tumor information. The prognoses, survival rate or what we were likely to endure. There are a lot of site dealing with the worse side of brain tumours, and although Kirra had a lot of complications she is doing fine and this site will be updated as and when anything develops! My heart goes out to anyone reading this for the reason its here, and I hope you are as lucky as us. Kirra has always been special. Now special does not have enough meaning.

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